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Why a common initiative?
• Greater impact, reach and clarity towards customers
• Speed up the transition to a more sustainable bag
consumption and reduced impact
• Easier for companies to take responsibility and act

Our goals:
• Reduce pollution as a result of customers consumption of bags
• Reduce the environmental impact from production of bags through a reduced
consumption and use of more sustainable bags
• Increase the awareness around the negative environmental impact due to bag
• Enable and accelerate sustainable development in society through investments
in/donations to different causes

The initiative is open for all retailers to join free of charge. Membership requirements:
• Charge for all carrier bags, regardless of material
• Inform customers about the environmental impact of carrier bags, the benefits of a
reduced consumtion, and keys to a more sustainable bag consumption
• Offer more sustainable bags to customers
• Donate or invest the surplus from sales of bags to causes driving sustainable
development in society
• Annually report the results (bag consumption and donated/invested money)

Donation/investment of surplus
• Members commit to donating/investing the surplus from sales of all
bags to causes driving sustainable development in society, of their
own choosing
• The surplus consists of the sales price minus:
• cost for purchase of bag,
• cost for PYR-fee,
• VAT, and
• donation tax, if applicable

The Bag
Members commit to exclusively offer customers a more sustainable bag:
• Raw material should be 100%* recycled and/or renewable
• Raw material should come from more sustainable sources
• The bag must be recyclable
• Information on how to recycle should be provided (preferably on bag)
• OK to put One Bag Habit-logo on bag